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Private Client



Completed Summer 2016

JSA secured planning permission for this substantially large replacement dwelling in Green Belt. The property is located within the Metropolitan Green Belt, has single vehicular access and a neighbouring property to the south. Despite these constraints the planning permission on this property was approved, which was an outstanding achievement for JSA Planning.

The site is located outside of a defined settlement boundary in the Metropolitan Green Belt. As such, saved local plan policies GB1, GB2 & GB3 were particularly relevant to this proposal.

Policy GB1 – The applicant has to demonstrate very special circumstances.

Policy GB2 – Unacceptable Development states permission will not be granted for new development within the Green Belt.

Policy GB3 – New Residential Development notes that there is a general presumption against proposals for residential
development except where they meet specific criteria.

JSA Planning provided a strategy to our private client which has provided an excellent opportunity for a new modern dwelling with an improved energy performance which meets modern family living standards and current building regulations.




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