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Private Client


Hedgerley, Bucks.


Planning APPROVED December 2019, in Construction

JSA Architects have successfully secured planning permission after a long and convoluted process to design and build a new dwelling within the Metropolitan Green Belt, an area characterised by rolling fields, bound by trees and wooded areas.

The site has an extensive planning history with a number of applications being made between 2015 ans 2019. The approved scheme offers a scaled back design reduced in both size and height that respects the character and openness of the Green Belt, in order to address concerns raised in previous application rejections.

The application proposes the demolition of the existing Bungalow and shed and the erection of a new replacement dwelling. The additional area to the current space is under 30% and the proposed scale replicates the existing scale. The new proposal has been designed so it follows the existing roof line, leaving the open views of the green belt uninterrupted. The development has been designed around the living and dining areas, which would have large windows and bi-fold doors that open up to the Northern views towards a pond. The dwelling would be finished in local stock brick so as to match nearby buildings and the palette of colours has been carefully considered in order to ensure that the appearance of the dwelling is sympathetic to its setting.

The proposed dwelling would be a substantial distance away from neighbouring properties and it would not be visible from public vantage points therefore the scheme would not have any impact upon neighbouring amenity. Specific consideration has been given to the need to significantly improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of the replacement dwelling and the following measures have been proposed:

  • Maximisation of the thermal efficiency of the built fabric.
  • Consideration must be given to alternative and additional energy sources.
  • Air source heat pumps will be considered.
  • Envisagement of a domestic rainwater-harvesting system.

In terms of landscaping, the majority of the site will be retained as a lawn with an attractive gravel driveway to match the existing. The dwelling will be integrated into the landscape through the retention of the existing trees and hedgerows and the mature landscaping along the boundary of the site will be retained.

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