Thorney Farm Developments

Uxbridge Road, Hayes


Planning APPROVED Sept 2018

JSA has successfully gained planning permission for a site in Hayes for the demolition of existing properties and the creation of 21 new units. The application intends to represent an extension to an adjoining residential site that JSA developed, however in accordance with Officer advice, it provides a better transition design to the existing neighbouring properties which are more traditional in appearance than the previous rejected application.

The existing buildings are an extended detached dwelling and a pair of semi-detached properties that are two storeys in scale and are located adjacent to Kingswood Place, the site previously developed by JSA, which offers other residential dwellings. As an extension to this neighbouring development, the current scheme proposes to remodel an existing car park courtyard to the rear southern eastern corner of Kingswood Place to facilitate access and a revised parking arrangement.

The site falls within a residential area that is characterised by flatted developments, detached and semi-detached residential dwellings that follow a more modern architecture. A clear break in the traditional building line is demonstrated and this has set a clear precedent allowing for more intensive development. The site falls within the defined urban area of Hayes and benefits from a location that is in close proximity to a range of community facilities such as shops, schools, employment areas and health facilities. There is a major bus route running through the location and the nearest railway station of Hayes and Harlington is just 2.5km south of the site. Additionally, the London Underground service can be accessed via the nearby Uxbridge town centre. Private amenity spaces will be incorporated in the form of balconies and ground floor patios and an outdoor communal amenity area is envisaged, providing outdoor space for future residents.

The existing buildings on the site hold little or no architectural merit so the redevelopment will to ensure the site is used efficiently and effectively and there are minimal constraints on site therefore development will not be hindered. The common boundary with Kingswood Place offers excellent opportunity of extension and the new site will offer a softer transition between the more contemporary buildings of Kingswood Place and the more traditional design of buildings on the same road.

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