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Former Brook House Inn, 70 Henver Road, Newquay – Invitation to Comment

On behalf of our Clients, Enterprise Inns, we are delighted to invite you to comment on our proposed plans to redevelop the site of the former Brook House Inn, located at 70 Henver Road in Newquay.

The building on the site has now been closed for a considerable length of time and despite marketing there has been little interest from prospective tenants.  Unfortunately, the building is now increasingly falling into disrepair following a lack of investment and long periods of vacancy.

The owners of the site have therefore been exploring alternative uses and have held detailed pre-application discussions with Cornwall Council.

The result is a proposal to redevelop and regenerate the existing site for residential purposes following demolition of the public house building.  Cornwall Council has confirmed that this is acceptable in principle.

The proposed development seeks to demolish the existing building, which is of no significant architectural merit, and replace it with a purpose built development comprising 28 one and two bedroom units.  Visually, the scheme has been designed to appear as two distinct buildings, linked only be a recessed element at first floor.  This ensures that the proposal respects the regular rhythm and character of the wider street scene.

A total of 28 off road parking spaces is provided for the new units within a rear parking courtyard.  New landscaping is also proposed to provide amenity space for the new residential dwellings.  Additional landscaping is proposed to the frontage of the site, including new tree planning to soften the transition between the site and highway.

Details of the draft scheme are attached in the links below.  An online feedback form is also provided and we would welcome your thoughts and comments on the proposal prior to the submission of a formal planning application.  All comments received will be carefully considered and, where feasible, taken into account in the evolution of the final scheme design.

We would like to thank you in advance for taking time to comment on the development scheme.

Deadline for responses is 17 June 2016

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